Fees for Companies to Become a CSGA Member

A Certified Senior Guidance Member requires adherence to the CSGA Code of Ethics. Basically, CSGA is formed to be certain that our Member Companies will treat their Senior Customers honestly and fairly.

Members have the proud right to display the CSGA Seal on their website so the senior client has the confidence of knowing that he is doing business with a company that is looking out for him and is dealing in an ethical way.

Membership Fees are $99.95 for One Year or $169.95 for Two Years. click here

Major Company Fees:

Businesses Grossing between:

$5.0 Million to $9.9 Million per annum: $990.00 One Year; $1,590.00 Two Years.

$10,000,000 per annum to $99.9 Million: $1,999.00 One Year; $2,990.00 Two Years.

Display Package for "Brick & Mortar" businesses. click here

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